19 July - 22 July 2022 | Cape Town, South Africa.
Progressive Collaboration and Innovative Solutions:
Shaping the Futureof Africa Business Climate
Financing New and Existing Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa

About Ubuntu Business Trip 2022

Founded in 2018, the Ubuntu Business Forum is the flagship multiscale Business Opportunities event in the Sub-Sahara African Region in collaboration with South Africa Business Template. The scope of the conference programme and associated industry activities address the obstacles and relevant development issues that challenge governments, private and state companies in subSaharan region.
The Ubuntu Business Forum 2022 in partnership with WESGRO, which will convene in person on July 19, 20 & 21 at Krystal Beach Hotel Cape Town. Participation will be carefully curated and capped to convene private capital investors in a highly


Challenges of doing business in Africa are a global reality but the African Governments are reforming the influencing elements, in their business environments by creating these challenges. Scarcity of funds appear as the main challenge in many African countries with poor infrastructures, poor leadership and weak global economy. Investment in real estate and agriculture is widely recognized as a key precondition in achieving goals related to improving food security, creating jobs, creating wealth, and thereby reducing poverty.
UBUNTU BUSINESS FORUM in Cape Town South Africa promotes Investment for its participants by working closely with WESGRO (Cape Town & Western Cape Tourism, Trade & Investment). In promoting the development of businesses in Africa, UBUNTU BUSINESS FORUM engages with international stakeholders (both public and private), such as:

      Main African Chambers of Commerce and Trade:
      Youth President Organization Members;
      Governments Members from across Africa;
      Planet Development Consortium Inc financial platform;
      South Africa Representation of Asia Financial Platform;
      Global Investment Limited.

Ubuntu Business Forum 2022 Mission

Entrepreneurs and Governments representatives will get a platform to exchange emergingbusiness opportunities, business ideas, new concepts, identify business partners, present inventives unique business proposals and business funding activities. The forum will resolve the problems and issues related to projects in real estate, agriculture,trade, exports, Imports by proposing a set of financial and technical investors in their various projects.

Ubuntu Business Forum 2022 GOALS

The main objectives of the Ubuntu Business Forum 2022 are :

      To provide opportunities to entrepreneurs, Government officials, CEOs of Top corporate;
      To Provide long time investment capital to eligible Country for Economic Reconstruction;
      To promote infrastructure development of government;
      To accelerate industrial growth;
      To enhance economic sustainability through appropriate finance that will gear country Global;
      To provide private Loan to State government and large corporate entities;
      To support social and humanitarian services;

Domains of Interest for Financial Investment

      Grant Reconstruction Finance;
      Support transitioning economy growth with less political risk country;
      Provide bail-out Fund;
      To accelerate industrial growth;
      Provide finance facilities for: Agriculture, Irrigation, DAM, Processing Cottage Industries, Power Generation and Distribution, Airport Construction, Road Construction, Railway Line, Mining of Solid Mineral Resources, Health, Tourism and Education;
      Provide technical, economic advisory services to government through our EPC Model Consultant.

Key points of Ubuntu Business Forum 2022

All the participants from both side Cape Town, Africa and its diaspora should return with at least one of these keys:

      Identified & connected new business partners;
      Exchange business leads & enquiries;
      Brand and market new products & services;
      Identified suppliers, buyers and manufacturers;
      Channelized investment, finance venture capital or private equity;
      Provide referral business and recommendations;
      Establish business partnership;
      Plan to organize executive training programs;
      Commercialized business ideas and concepts.

Beautiful Cape Town …



Ubuntu Business 2022 in Numbers

Unique Attendees
Participating Organisations
C-Suite Executives and Government Officials
NCs and ICs
Sponsors and Exhibitors
hours of business and technical content
hours of High-Level Industry Dialogues
hours of Networking and Business Opportunities

Attendance by Region

Top 10 Countries

Program Schedule

TIME Krystal Beach Hotel, Organizers
13:30–13:30 Airport Pick Up of all International Attendees
14:00–18:00 Installation and accommodation
19:00–21:00 Welcome Dinner
TIME Krystal Beach Hotel, Organizers
07:45–8:45 Attendees Breakfast
9:15–10:00 Opening Session by WESGRO & Ubuntu Forum Organizers
10:00–11:25 Network and Refreshment Break
11:25–12:30 Financial Challenges in Africa
12:30–13:30 B to B Connection Participant receive by consultants & Partner’s
13:30–15:00 Lunch
15:30–18:30 Visit to WESGRO (Networking and Refreshment Break)
18:30–19:00 Back to hotel
TIME Krystal Beach Hotel, Organizers
07:45–8:45 Attendees Breakfast
08:45–09:00 Opening Remarks
09:00–09:45 Presentation of Business Opportunities in South Africa (Real Estate; Agribusiness; Infrastructures)
09:45–10:40 Strategy apply in South Africa for Insurance of poor People
10:40–11:20 Networking & Refreshment Break
11:20-12:10 Private Investment Funding for Real Estate from South Africa
12:20–14:10 Lunch
14:10–17:30 Companies Visits (Port, Institutions……)
17:30–18:00 Back to Hotel
TIME Krystal Beach Hotel, Organizers
07:45–8:45 Attendees Breakfast
08:45–09:00 Opening Remarks
09:00–12:00 Companies Visits
12:00–13:00 Break & Refreshment
13:00–16:00 Leisure
16:00 Back to Hotel
17:00 Closing of the Ubuntu Business Forum 2022
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