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This course will first introduce you to the basics of basic accounting principles and recording procedures. You will study double entry, the accounting equation and balance sheets, trial balances, income statements, cash flow statements and changes in equity statements. You will also examine the chart of accounts and its use in an accounting system, as well as studying how the income statement provides information about the profit and loss of the business.
Then you will study the accounting equation and the preparation of the balance sheet. You will also learn the key concepts of the cash flow statement and describe its value in providing information about the business performance of your company. The course will also guide you through the preparation of the statement of changes in equity as well as how entries are made in the four key financial statements.
Following a financial statement balance sheet may seem difficult at first. This free online financial accounting fundamentals course is designed to facilitate and help you, as a business professional, gain the skill you need to create and present truly useful financial statements. Any aspiring accounting professional will benefit immensely from these skills. So check out the course today and start growing your accounting career in just a few hours!

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