Fabrication & Construction

Manufacturing, fabrication and construction are sectors with potential to create a lot of jobs, foster self-employment and reduce social inequalities in African countries. These sectors also may benefit from the use of locally produced raw materials and construction materials to create even more jobs in sectors like agriculture, mining and quarries to which they easily economically link. This academy teaches skills required to establish a manufacturing plant and industry, and those for fabrication and construction using both imported and locally produced raw materials and inputs. Instructors are invited to publish courses and develop programs in foundry, smelting, minerals and metals processing as well those for metallic fabrication, carpentry, plumbing and building and construction using both local and imported materials and inputs. Teachings cover wide range of fields related to manufacturing of glass, cement and building materials, tiles and ceramics and earth wares, woodworks, storage tanks and pipelines construction, building and civil engineering works, etc.

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