Agriculture & Agroindustry

Agriculture and food industry are very important to improve health, create jobs, reduce poverty, inequalities, famine and malnutrition. Improved agricultural techniques and practices and development of resilient agriculture, food processing and supply value chains is crucial to adding value locally to agricultural raw materials and minimizing post-harvest losses and providing quality food to feed Africa and other parts of the world. This academy trains on improved agricultural techniques and practices and food storage, processing, packaging and marketing, etc. Students can learn subjects spanning from cashew nut and cocoa beans production and processing from farm to the table for instance. Courses may span from wood processing, chocolate making, through palm wine conditioning and processing, baking flour processing from African roots and grains, meat processing and dairy products production, to cotton processing and textile manufacturing. Instructors are invited to publish courses related to agriculture, agroeconomics, agricultural raw material, food processing, packaging and marketing, etc.

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